Robert Hanlon

Robert Hanlon was born in 1954 in.Michigan and had a successful career in the military and business before turning his attention to publishing commercial fiction books. An avid reader from an early age, he wrote his first book aged 19 and found himself well suited to writing Westerns. His first published Western was "Timber: United States Marshal", which he released commercially a few years ago and that was quickly followed by many, many other stories in that same series.

"The Way West" series followed closely behind. These two exemplary Western series set up Hanlon to be one of the more successful authors of these modern times, with an audience that waits for each new book to be released.

"I have been a writer my whole life. I have always enjoyed stories and when I got the time to sit and write for pleasure I found it truly was my calling. In many ways writing has been more joyful for me than my time in business. You can be ruthless in the boardroom, but you can be your greatest self in a book."

Hanlon currently lives in Texas with his wife and enjoys his two grandchildren, attending church, spending time in the community and fishing when he isn't writing in his office.