Jake Timber U.S. Marshal
Jake Timber U.S. Marshal lives in Texas U.S.A. He was born and raised in Colorado Territory, and while the civil war was being fought and he was a sheriff in a town at 18 years old. Now at 35 years old he works as a kind of bounty hunter. He trained his horse from a foal to do some useful tricks for him. It is a big bay gelding. The number 4978 is tattooed inside his mouth on the upper front lip.

He is a sarcastic blunt straight talking man. He is a big hard man who grew up the hard way. He doesn't give information away easily. He's tall, broad and strong. He has black hair and green eyes that burn into people. He wears deerskin pants and shirt. His boots are black, with shiny tin plates on the toes and heel. His hat is a dusty-brown color with a wide brim. He wears two guns, Colt .44. When he can relax he plays solitaire with his own cards. The man has no empathy, he is an angry violent man who sleeps whenever he can no matter for how long, usually no more than two hours at a time. He drinks beer and coffee - never whiskey. His right leg was grazed by bullet that still aches at times.
Timber has a swagger, like a man confident in himself, which he is, definitely not a man to be trifled with.

He has more than eighty thousand dollars on deposit in the Denver bank, and upon his request they would send the money via a bank courier.
That was just the bank in Denver where he had his sheriff’s and marshal’s pay deposited, and where he now had his pension deposited. He didn’t really need it, so the money just sat there collecting interest. The bank in Red Bluff, Texas had well over a hundred and twenty-five thousand in it, which kept growing due to compounding interest. He had five or six other bank accounts in five or six other towns that totaled somewhere north of another hundred thousand dollars.

He was a prisoner at Great Falls Penitentiary for the murder of Cain Gentry.
His wife and daughter were killed by Cain Gentry. Timber killed him by burning house down he was in after breaking his back and beating him and he prevented the mans rescue by deputies. The territorial governor pardoned Timber, on the condition that he use his unique talents with a gun to hunt down the criminals and wanted men in the territory. Timber was sworn in as a special agent of the court. To be controlled by the territory governor. Then he was turned loose to wander about the territory, eliminating those who were predators and criminals. He wasn’t charged with bringing them to court for trial; he was charged with dispersing justice from the barrel of a gun. If a man was wanted by the law or should have been, Jake Timber was authorized to administer justice with all the lethality he could muster. The ultimate goal was to clean up the territory so it might look its best when applying for statehood. He’s a bounty hunter with a territorial mandate, which gives him extreme latitude in dealing with criminals and wanted men. He has been charged with the elimination of wanted men. There will be no court hearings for the men he finds—he is basically charged with killing them in any manner he deems efficient. He carried a U.S Marshal badge in a pocket along with his papers of authority. Signed by the Territorial Governor, the Honorable Robert Pierce Fullerton. He is an independent law enforcement officer, who is above the law and reports directly to the governor. He had the power to arrest, detain, or execute criminal individuals as he sees fit. This includes any local law enforcement, or locally elected or appointed official who attempts, in any way, to interfere with his official duties.

From the night it happened, and each and every night since his wife and daughter were killed, Timber struggles to sleep more than an hour or two at a time. Many nights he’ll pass on sleeping completely. He would then take his horse, go for a long ride, and return just as the sun was rising. He was no longer plagued by the recurrent nightmares he’d suffered for years after the death of his first wife and child, but he still had them now and then. When he was in prison, he had spent the nights sitting in the dark, reliving the hellish nightmare his life had become while weeping silently in his cell.

The second wife left him and went back to Chicago. She was not a true love, she had just been convenient. The child they had was better off not knowing him, for he had become a violent man. A man who no longer cared what reason a person might have for their behavior, just that they had crossed the line and now they were to be killed, no questions asked.

When the next woman in his life, Miss Laura had been killed by her ex husband something had changed in him, he lost all mercy and tolerance. He became eager to fight. He became short-tempered and unfit company for man or beast. Maybe it was a death wish, because he felt he’d never find love a third time, and he felt life wasn’t worth living if he had to live alone.