Benjamin Tucker
Benjamin Tucker is a mountain man. Tuck (as he was known) was a big man at 22 years old. His hair was light brown, and he wore it on the long side. Other than his scruffy beard, he had no facial hair. Any woman who met him would agree he was ruggedly handsome, with broad shoulders and a trim waist. His parents were killed by Indians when he was about ten, when they left their safe home in Michigan territory to find their fortune in the gold fields of Colorado Territory. It was shortly after that he killed his first Indian. He was taken in by a mountain man named Thomas Jefferson. From the first day they met, he started teaching him how to survive in the wilderness. He taught him how to hunt, trap, fish, and kill Indians. He built a log cabin up in the mountains. Thomas died and Tuck went on alone to become well versed in how to live in the wilderness. He became a scout and advisor and later was put in charge of soldiers at fort Leadville close to the Grand Teton Mountains in Wyoming.

He met up with a girl he grew to love, Bonnie MacKee who was a pretty girl with flaming red hair. They got close by never married as Tuck had to often leave her carry out missions for the army. Benjamin carried a Colt Dragoon .44 revolver and a Springfield rifle. He rode a painted horse.